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Word: dearly
IPA transcription: [d'ɪɹli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: dearly, in_a_heartfelt_way
    Meaning: in a sincere and heartfelt manner; "I would dearly love to know"
  • Synonyms: dearly, dear
    Meaning: at a great cost; "he paid dearly for the food"; "this cost him dear"
Usage examples
  • He dearly loves a fat beetle.
  • The babies still love you dearly.'"
  • I would make him pay dearly for that horse."
  • "Yes, yes, dear Beast, for I love you dearly."
  • There was once a man who loved his wife dearly.
  • Then, he is very lively and dearly loves to play.
  • It was against my own will, for I love you dearly.
  • She loves him yet as dearly as she ever loved him."
  • Count William of Holland dearly loved pluck and nerve.
  • She dearly loved her father, but he was no companion for her.