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Word: deary
IPA transcription: [d'ɪɹi]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: darling, favorite, favourite, pet, dearie, deary, ducky
    Meaning: a special loved one
Usage examples
  • "Not a bit, deary; what is it?"
  • 'Yes, deary,' said Mrs Boffin, laying aside her shawl.
  • 'Ah, deary me', said she, 'I thought so; it can't be me surely.' So she went to the straw-yard, and the calves wouldn't lick her, when they snuffed in the strong smell of tar.
  • 'And I tell you, my deary,' said Mrs Boffin, 'that if you don't close with Mr Rokesmith now at once, and if you ever go a muddling yourself again with things never meant nor made for you, you'll have an apoplexy--besides iron-moulding your linen--and you'll break my heart.'