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Word: deaths
IPA transcription: [d'ɛθs]
Pronunciations of deaths
Usage examples
  • Most deaths occur before they are six months old.
  • We've had deaths here--my father and mother died here as well as Matthew; and we've even had a birth here.
  • "We are gathered here--ahem! to inquire into the mysterious deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Barry Langmore," went on the coroner.
  • 'It would have been enough for us,' said Mr Boffin, 'in case it had pleased God to spare the last of those two young lives and sorrowful deaths.
  • As for the dogs, of course there were many, and during their lives they were intimate and valued family friends, and their deaths were household tragedies.
  • "You can't win this war--all you can do is hurry your own deaths." He said this with as much conviction as he could, realizing at the same time that it was wasted effort.
  • Was it possible he would ever come to think Cambridge narrow? In his short life Rickie had known two sudden deaths, and that is enough to disarrange any placid outlook on the world.
  • Every winter many unnecessary deaths occur because people--especially older persons, but younger ones as well--engage in more strenuous physical activity than their bodies can stand.
  • They narrate the struggles between the rulers of the upper and the nether world, the descent of the former into Xibalba, the Realm of Phantoms, and their victory over its lords, One Death and Seven Deaths.
  • "We find that Mr. and Mrs. Barry Langmore came to their deaths either by being smothered, chloroformed, poisoned, or in some similar fashion, the direct means not yet being brought to light, and we find that the evidence points to Margaret Langmore as the one who committed the murders."
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