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Word: debate
IPA transcription: [dəb'eɪt]
Pronunciations of debate
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: argument, argumentation, debate
    Meaning: a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal; "the argument over foreign aid goes on and on"
  • Synonyms: debate, disputation, public_debate
    Meaning: the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote)
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: debate
    Meaning: argue with one another; "We debated the question of abortion"; "John debated Mary"
  • Synonyms: consider, debate, moot, turn_over, deliberate
    Meaning: think about carefully; weigh; "They considered the possibility of a strike"; "Turn the proposal over in your mind"
  • Synonyms: debate, deliberate
    Meaning: discuss the pros and cons of an issue
  • Synonyms: argue, contend, debate, fence
    Meaning: have an argument about something
Usage examples
  • It was worth while debating this question, and I did debate it.
  • He has recently expressed himself on the Mangasarian-Crapsey Debate.
  • As the debate is now in print, further comment on this would not be necessary.
  • Alas, said Sir Tristram, that caused some debate betwixt him and Queen Guenever.
  • The question I now had to debate was which of the remaining couples I had to pursue.
  • There is nothing which is not the subject of debate, and in which men of learning are not of contrary opinions.
  • This ordinance was the subject of great debate, and for a long time rent the parliament and city into factions.
  • Sometimes Amory would see him squirm in his seat; and his face would light up; he was on fire to debate a point.
  • Further debate took place, but without shaking the firmness of the opposition to the assumption of the state debts.
  • The Menshevik Yoffe tried to read his party's declaration, but Trotzky refused to allow "a debate about principle."
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