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Word: debates
IPA transcription: [dəb'eɪts]
Pronunciations of debates
Usage examples
  • "Our debates are now in the streets," he cried.
  • Long and bitter were the debates in the House over this and other branches of Hamilton's project.
  • Wharton had never felt himself personally at ease with him, either now, or in the old days of Venturist debates.
  • Non-intervention then meant, as the debates show, that Congress should neither prohibit nor establish slavery in the Territories.
  • The first subject on which I had to consult Traddles was this,--I had heard that many men distinguished in various pursuits had begun life by reporting the debates in Parliament.
  • When the debates had been carried on to no purpose during twenty days among the commissioners, they separated, and returned; those of the king to Oxford, those of the parliament to London.
  • She cannot do better herself than to remain quiet and inactive in the affair: the long and mutual animosity between her and Sir John will make her interference merely productive of debates and ill-will.
  • It does not appear that, in the debates on the Comprehension Bill, a single High Churchman raised his voice against the clause which relieved the clergy from the necessity of subscribing the Articles, and of declaring the doctrine contained in the Homilies to be sound.
  • Though the debates showed clearly enough the purpose to be to impose duties for protection, the phraseology of the law presented it as enacted to raise revenue, and therefore the victims of the discrimination were deprived of an appeal to the tribunal instituted to hear and decide on the constitutionality of a law.
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