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Word: deeper
IPA transcription: [d'ipɚ]
Pronunciations of deeper
Usage examples
  • But there is a deeper explanation.
  • "Very," whispered back the dog in his deeper tone.
  • The trouble lies deeper than the press, and so does the remedy.
  • For him it held a deeper meaning than it did for his companions.
  • And what time he watched, the lines in his lean brown face grew deeper.
  • 1876--To frustrate repetition of body-snatchers' attempt, reinterred deeper.
  • It cut deeper and quicker, and only about half as much was required to do the work.
  • Indeed, we have every reason to attribute the more normal and deeper sleep to the child.
  • But Lucy skilfully kept him off the dangerous ground, whereby he fell deeper in love than ever.
  • Yet the main cause lay deeper still; she had outgrown stimulants, and was passing from words to things.
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