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Word: degradation
IPA transcription: [d,ɛɡɹəd'eɪʃən]
Pronunciations of degradation
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: degradation, debasement
    Meaning: changing to a lower state (a less respected state)
Usage examples
  • Had he any consciousness of his degradation?
  • It was useless for the Whigs to try to prevent this degradation of the bench.
  • This people from the depths of degradation were lifted up to the height of glory.
  • poverty must indeed be a bitter school if it has prepared you for such degradation as this!"
  • But had he done so, I truly believe he would have been ready to inflict degradation, torture and even death upon her, to make me surrender the information he wanted.
  • Yet as a ruler he had many virtues, and it will always be remembered to his credit that he dragged the empire out of the deepest slough of degradation and ruin that it had ever sunk into.
  • Moreover, in the days of Christ the morals of the whole world and the condition of the Israelites had become completely confused and corrupted, and Israel had fallen into a state of the utmost degradation, misery and bondage.
  • Members 'in good and regular standing,' fellowshipped throughout Christendom except by a few anti-slavery churches generally despised as ultra and radical, reduce their fellow men to the condition of chattels, and by force keep them in that state of degradation.
  • He was mean, evasive, callously indifferent to his country's interests, a cheat, a man who habitually broke his word, and who was responsible, with his associates, for most of the poverty, misery, crime, and national degradation with which the country was afflicted.
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