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Word: descends
IPA transcription: [dɪs'ɛndz]
Pronunciations of descends
Usage examples
  • The porter descends.
  • The non-magnetic gangue descends in a straight line to the other side of the partition.
  • The loss to the man whose life is in the main on a higher plane is greater if he descends occasionally to a lower.
  • Onward he goeth, swimming slowly, slowly; Wheels and descends, but I perceive it only By wind upon my face and from below.
  • "Fourier estimates that even in those vast unfathomable tracts, the temperature never descends lower than 60 degrees," said Procope.
  • Blessedness and riches are only joined together when the riches are rightly and wisely used; and the poor man only descends into wretchedness when he regards his lot as a burden unjustly imposed.
  • By the aid of self-control, resolution, purity, righteousness, and well-directed thought a man ascends; by the aid of animality, indolence, impurity, corruption, and confusion of thought a man descends.
  • Besides, the Prince Royal, determined to be economical, almost descends to parsimony; and perhaps depresses his subjects, by labouring not to oppress them; for his intentions always seem to be good--yet nothing can give a more forcible idea of the dulness which eats away all activity of mind, than the insipid routine of a court, without magnificence or elegance.
  • Now fissures, wherever they occur, form the trunk channels of the underground circulation. Water descends from the surface along these rifts; it moves laterally from either side to the fissure plane, just as ground water seeps through the surrounding rocks from every direction to a well; and it ascends through these natural water ways as in an artesian well, whenever they intersect an aquifer in which water is under hydrostatic pressure.
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