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Word: devereux
IPA transcription: [d'ɛvɚ,u]
Usage examples
  • Had Marian Devereux told him!
  • “Nothing, sir; but Miss Devereux has come back!”
  • Marian Devereux had come back to Annandale with Arthur Pickering; my faith in her snapped like a reed at this astounding news.
  • “I said Miss Devereux,” he repeated in dignified rebuke. “She came up this morning, and the Sister left at once for Chicago.
  • “I can’t imagine, I really can’t believe,” began the chaplain, “that Miss Devereux will want to be brought into this estate matter in any way.
  • It was The Life of Benvenuto Cellini and “Marian Devereux” was written on the fly leaf, by unmistakably the same hand that penned the apology for Olivia’s performances.
  • On such a matter I knew I should get precious little sympathy from Larry, and I had, moreover, a feeling that I could not discuss Marian Devereux with any one; I even shrank from mentioning her name, though it rang like the call of bugles in my blood.