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Word: devonshire
IPA transcription: [dɪv'ɑnʃ,aɪɹ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Devon, Devonshire
    Meaning: a county in southwestern England
Usage examples
  • England must wake up, as the Duke of Devonshire said the other day; wasn't it?
  • Only I don't think he'll ever do away with cider in Devonshire, because of the apple trees.
  • He coloured as he replied, "You are very kind, but I have no idea of returning into Devonshire immediately.
  • Having joined the camp at Bristol, and sent Prince Maurice with a detachment into Devonshire, he deliberated how to employ the remaining forces in an enterprise of moment.
  • This paper was signed in cipher by the seven chiefs of the conspiracy, Shrewsbury, Devonshire, Danby, Lumley, Compton, Russell and Sidney. Herbert undertook to be their messenger.
  • These troops could not legally, without their own consent, be carried out of the county; and consequently it was impossible to push into Devonshire the advantage which they had obtained.
  • It may be proper to conceal their engagement (if they ARE engaged) from Mrs. Smith--and if that is the case, it must be highly expedient for Willoughby to be but little in Devonshire at present.
  • Notwithstanding these advantages, the extreme want both of money and ammunition under which the Cornish royalists labored, obliged them to enter into a convention of neutrality with the parliamentary party in Devonshire; and this neutrality held all the winter season.
  • He is, moreover, aware that she DOES disapprove the connection, he dares not therefore at present confess to her his engagement with Marianne, and he feels himself obliged, from his dependent situation, to give into her schemes, and absent himself from Devonshire for a while.