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Word: dexter
IPA transcription: [d'ɛkstɚ]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: dexter
    Meaning: on or starting from the wearer's right
Usage examples
  • Doctor Dexter's name was well known.
  • "It was subjective, purely," mused Anthony Dexter.
  • Anthony Dexter saw all this--and a great deal more.
  • The breakfast bell rang again, and Doctor Dexter went downstairs.
  • At seven o'clock, precisely, Anthony Dexter's old housekeeper rang the rising bell.
  • Over a nature which, at the beginning, was warmly human, Doctor Dexter had laid this glacial mask.
  • Anthony Dexter had seen enough of the world to recognise cowardice when he saw it, even in himself.
  • Ralph was twenty-three now and would finish in a few weeks at a famous medical school--Doctor Dexter's own alma mater.
  • Without so much as the quiver of an eyelash, Anthony Dexter could tell a man that within an hour his wife would be dead.
  • Doctor Dexter had some rough drawings under consideration, but wanted Ralph to order the plans in accordance with his own ideas.