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Word: dickinson
IPA transcription: [d'ɪkɪnsən]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Dickinson, Emily_Dickinson
    Meaning: United States poet noted for her mystical and unrhymed poems (1830-1886)
Usage examples
  • Miss Dickinson told me.'
  • Emily Dickinson appears to have written her first poems in the winter of 1862.
  • The "portfolios" were found, shortly after Emily Dickinson's death, by her sister and only surviving housemate.
  • Although Emily Dickinson had been in the habit of sending occasional poems to friends and correspondents, the full extent of her writing was by no means imagined by them.
  • Emily Dickinson scrutinized everything with clear-eyed frankness. Every subject was proper ground for legitimate study, even the sombre facts of death and burial, and the unknown life beyond.
  • In Emily Dickinson's exacting hands, the especial, intrinsic fitness of a particular order of words might not be sacrificed to anything virtually extrinsic; and her verses all show a strange cadence of inner rhythmical music.
  • The eagerness with which the first volume of Emily Dickinson's poems has been read shows very clearly that all our alleged modern artificiality does not prevent a prompt appreciation of the qualities of directness and simplicity in approaching the greatest themes,--life and love and death.