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Word: dinsmore
IPA transcription: [d'insmɔɹ]
Usage examples
  • Mr. Dinsmore was watching his daughter.
  • Phillis?" asked Mr. Dinsmore, looking excessively amused.
  • "I don't believe a word of it," said Mr. Dinsmore, looking sternly at him.
  • "But suppose papa was the one who had made her sorry; what then?" asked Mr. Dinsmore.
  • He opened his desk, wrote a sentence on a scrap of paper, and handed it to Mr. Dinsmore.
  • Mr. Dinsmore took this opportunity to pay another flying visit to his two young brothers.
  • Mr. Dinsmore looked excessively annoyed, and Edward "pshawed, and wished her at the bottom of the sea."
  • "Dinsmore and I were together almost constantly during the last six months of his life, and became very intimate.
  • "I am glad you are pleased with it, daughter," returned Mr. Dinsmore, opening the morning paper, which John had just brought up.
  • He had tarried behind in Philadelphia, as Mr. Dinsmore and his daughter passed through, but followed them to Cape Island a few days later.