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Word: disclosing
IPA transcription: [dɪskl'oʊzɪŋ]
Pronunciations of disclosing
Usage examples
  • She accepts the counsel and takes Leir into her house without disclosing herself to him, and nurses him.
  • I speak in all our interests, when I say that a private marriage gives us a chance for the future, as opportunities arise of gradually disclosing it.
  • Rikiu then removes his tea-gown and carefully folds it upon the mat, thereby disclosing the immaculate white death robe which it had hitherto concealed.
  • At last there was a vibration among the multitude, each seeming to give his neighbour a momentary aspen-like touch, as when men who have been watching for something in the heavens see the expected presence silently disclosing itself.
  • Her bodice was cut low, both back and front, showing her large perfectly molded throat and neck, like an alabaster pillar of beauty and strength, and disclosing her bosom just to its shadowy incurving, white and billowy as drifted snow.
  • The Su-dic and his people knew nothing of Coo-ee-oh's submarines, so they watched with surprise as the under-water boat approached them. When it was quite near the shore it rose to the surface and the top parted and fell back, disclosing a boat full of armed Skeezers.
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