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Word: discreetly
IPA transcription: [dɪskɹ'itli]
Pronunciations of discreetly
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: discreetly
    Meaning: with discretion; prudently and with wise self-restraint; "I sent for the sergeant of the platoon both men were in and asked him to try to find out discreetly what lay behind this"
Usage examples
  • He was discreetly silent
  • Kameniev answered discreetly.
  • The joke was hazarded discreetly.
  • But William had discreetly retired.
  • His budding talents as a writer were not always used discreetly.
  • Perhaps a touch of the sun as well." The housekeeper smiled discreetly.
  • Even Dr Critchett had respectfully and discreetly made inquiries on his way home from chapel.
  • I drew him aside in the most natural manner on solitary walks, during which I discreetly sounded his feelings.
  • Down the steps she went, and deposited the ark discreetly at their foot; then returned to take up her position behind the curtains.
  • People discreetly dropped their eyes before my proud gaze, and into their hearts I know I forced the query, What manner of man can this mortal be?
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