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Word: disentangle
IPA transcription: [d,ɪsənt'æŋɡəl]
Pronunciations of disentangle
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: extricate, untangle, disentangle, disencumber
    Meaning: release from entanglement of difficulty; "I cannot extricate myself from this task"
  • Synonyms: disentangle, unsnarl, straighten_out
    Meaning: extricate from entanglement; "Can you disentangle the cord?"
Usage examples
  • The rest he would leave to Fate, which seemed reluctant to disentangle threads which it had woven so closely.
  • 'I suppose,' began Danton, with an obvious effort to disentangle himself from the humiliation of the moment, 'I suppose he was--wandering?'
  • Chris took care to make it or disentangle it out of Amos's sight, and so many were the strange and wonderful things to be seen, that Amos had no time to concern himself over the reality of a camel.
  • Then another important thing, Raoul: should you be wounded in a battle, and fall from your horse, if you have any strength left, disentangle yourself from the line that your regiment has formed; otherwise, it may be driven back and you will be trampled to death by the horses.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Cold War, License CC BY-SA 4.0