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Word: disguises
IPA transcription: [dɪsɡ'aɪzɪz]
Usage examples
  • She was the type he had long desired, the feminine creature artless in perpetual artifice, for ever revealing herself in a succession of disguises.
  • At this juncture the British sergeant who had been in command of the advance guard approached and when Tarzan and the girl spoke to him in English, explaining their disguises, he accepted their word, since they were evidently not of the same race as the creatures which lay dead about them.
  • A hasty note for Mr. Dawson, whom he had tricked into temporary association by adopting one of the disguises he can so wonderfully assume, requested that gentleman to receive the Handicap Stakes, won by his horse, Darkie, alias Rainbow, and to hand them over to the treasurer of the Turon Hospital, which was accordingly done.