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Word: dispatched
IPA transcription: [dɪsp'ætʃt]
Pronunciations of dispatched
Usage examples
  • From the exchange he dispatched a messenger to the house a half-mile away.
  • At length one was dispatched, received, and answered: Mary would not return.
  • His letter was soon dispatched; for, though dilatory in undertaking business, he was quick in its execution.
  • They stripped the dead, and took from them what was most for their use; such as were also not quite dead they dispatched with the ends of their muskets.
  • Matthew, hastily summoned from the harvest field, was straightway dispatched for the doctor, who in due time came, to discover that the injury was more serious than they had supposed.
  • Before separating on our several missions, Coonskin photographed the party, and Griswold repeated his description of the outlaws. Couriers had been dispatched to Ely, Hamilton, Eureka, and other points; these men were bound for Hunter, seven miles over the mesa.
  • This class included now Irish who revolted against British rule in Ireland; now Cavaliers who championed the king against the Puritan revolutionists; Puritans, in turn, dispatched after the monarchy was restored; and Scotch and English subjects in general who joined in political uprisings against the king.
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