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Word: dispelled
IPA transcription: [dɪsp'ɛld]
Pronunciations of dispelled
Usage examples
  • I have no life but this, To lead it here; Nor any death, but lest Dispelled from there;
  • They are here--I am here--the shadows of the things that would have been, may be dispelled.
  • A charm invests a face Imperfectly beheld, -- The lady dare not lift her veil For fear it be dispelled.
  • I rushed out barefoot and dispelled his fears, and, after shaking hands, questioned him how he knew who I was.
  • The melancholy which had seemed to the sad eyes of the anxious boy to hang, for days past, over every object, beautiful as all were, was dispelled by magic.
  • The dream of future power and greatness as Queen of France, in which the girl wife of the Dauphin had often indulged, was thus rudely dispelled, and Jacqueline returned to her father's court in Holland, no longer crown princess and heiress to a throne, but simply "Lady of Holland."
  • Whether it was that the descending twilight dispelled the painful constraint under which Marston had seemed to labor, or that some more purely spiritual and genial influence had gradually dissipated the repulsion and distrust with which, at first, he had shrunk from a renewal of intercourse with Dr. Danvers, he suddenly accosted him thus.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Masters and Johnson, License CC BY-SA 4.0