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Word: doings
IPA transcription: [d'uɪŋz]
Pronunciations of doings
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: behavior, behaviour, conduct, doings
    Meaning: manner of acting or controlling yourself
Usage examples
  • And then what doings in the synagogue!
  • There have been queer doings in Raymond during the past year.
  • I'm supposing it's my doings, but it all happened by accident, like.
  • There had been many lawsuits, frequent disinheritings, and even worse doings.
  • Ever since Rachel Winslow has written about those queer doings in Raymond you have upset the whole family.
  • Mr Waller, in the intervals of work, talked a good deal, mostly of Edward, his doings, his sayings, and his prospects.
  • They've been a month at it, and I'm always kind of relieved when Christmas is over and there are no more mysterious doings.
  • From this imprisonment the wicked old man was never freed. Thus did he meet with punishment at last for all his evil doings.
  • It was hard to get the newspapers in those times and news of the armies and their doings was often weeks behind the actual events.
  • What was to be borne--she bore: what was to be done--she did; but she rarely made any "fuss" about either her doings or her sufferings.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Greek mythology, License CC BY-SA 4.0