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Word: dozens
IPA transcription: [d'ʌzənz]
Pronunciations of dozens
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tons, dozens, heaps, lots, piles, scores, stacks, loads, rafts, slews, wads, oodles, gobs, scads, lashings
    Meaning: a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed stacks of newspapers"
Usage examples
  • As you well know, in dozens of speeches in many states I have advocated your policies and the war.
  • Moreover, I never saw a lizard in the blue gums, though dozens of them were to be seen about the oaks and in the brush.
  • In course of time Scott was called to the bar as a lawyer, and took his place with the dozens of young men who hung about the Parliament House in Edinburgh waiting for briefs of cases to be argued.
  • "Their eldest son was such a disappointment to them; they wanted him to be a linguist, and spent no end of money on having him taught to speak--oh, dozens of languages!--and then he became a Trappist monk.
  • Dozens of different people were trying to attain dozens of different objects, in dozens of different directions, all starting from the same common point and all equally deprived of the means of information.
  • Tools, metal material, leather, straps and dozens of items are administered with the same spirit of jealous guardianship by Day, Lashly, Oates and Meares, while our main storekeeper Bowers even affects to bemoan imaginary shortages.
  • He wrote four columns of editorial matter (his copy, wittily says Junius Henri Browne, "strangers mistook for diagrams of Boston"), dozens of letters, often forgot whether he had been to his meals, and was ready to see and advise with everybody.
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