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Word: dressmaker
IPA transcription: [dɹ'ɛsm,eɪkɚ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: dressmaker, modiste, needlewoman, seamstress, sempstress
    Meaning: someone who makes or mends dresses
Usage examples
  • He is a dressmaker's boy."
  • He was almost certain that the little dressmaker loved him, and the thought gave him boldness.
  • Then with the tea-tray still held straight before her, the little dressmaker exclaimed tearfully:
  • The retired dressmaker's courage had carried her thus far; now it deserted her as abruptly as it had come.
  • I can introduce you to a dressmaker in London who is at the head of a large establishment, and I will do it before I leave you to-night."
  • The dressmaker to whom I had alluded had been my mother's maid in f ormer years, and had been established in business with money lent by my late step-father, Mr. Germaine.
  • "Simplicity itself," said I. "He is dressed by his tailors and she by her dressmaker; and as for food, they take home a suit-case full of it from every house-party they attend.
  • She would attempt it, anyhow, and if it proved to be beyond her, she could entrust the more difficult parts to that little dressmaker whom Elizabeth employed, and who was certainly very capable.
  • He did not hear the timid rapping on his door, and it was not until the door itself opened that he looked up quickly and saw the little retired dressmaker standing on the threshold, carrying a cup of tea on a tiny Japanese tray.
  • The dressmaker wanted to put more flounces on, but papa didn't want them and neither did I. He says he doesn't like to see little girls loaded with finery, and that my clothes shall be of the best material and nicely made, but neat and simple."