Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: drifts
IPA transcription: [dɹ'ɪfts]
Usage examples
  • His object drifts up, before he is quite ready for it.
  • And then, among the rocks of the reef, the line breaks; the angler's body drifts in among the reeds.
  • It is not yet evident how many can own a share in great factories, but the control drifts into few hands.
  • I mind me that of anguish sent, Some drifts were moved away Before my simple bosom broke, -- And why not this, if they?
  • A rain lasting two days and a night washed the roads of snow and turned the fast disappearing drifts to a dirty yellow hue.
  • The street was white with snow which had fallen a few hours earlier, piled in drifts along the curb of the little-traveled terrace.
  • The tracks seem as good as ever so far, sometimes for 30 or 40 yards we lose them under drifts, but then they reappear quite clearly raised above the surface.
  • Along the railroad the sections of snow fence, which had been stacked all summer in romantic wooden tents occupied by roving small boys, were set up to prevent drifts from covering the track.
  • Winter came, and the settlers fared hardly through the long months, when the drifts rose to the eaves of their low cabins, and the stores, carefully harvested, failed to supply even their simple wants.