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Word: dripping
IPA transcription: [dɹ'ɪpɪŋ]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: soaking, sopping, dripping
    Meaning: extremely wet; "dripping wet"; "soaking wet"
Usage examples
  • The trees were dripping with moisture.
  • There was a sound of scrambling foot-steps and Park came dripping up to them.
  • The oxen swam and the ox-carts floated and the packs came up the bank dripping.
  • When it is put down to roast, there should be a little water in the dripping pan.
  • The whole troop set up a shout as Dick came forward, taking off his dripping cap.
  • Dripping with his recent plunge he sat with chattering teeth within his unfired wigwam.
  • They had a rough and tumble scrimmage in the cold water, coming out choking, dripping and laughing.
  • On the first rise he stopped and looked back at the light which shone out from among the dripping cottonwoods.
  • Each wore a tightly fitting bathing dress that hid nothing of the shining, dripping beauty of their youthful forms.
  • They get in her eyes, and make her neck cold; see, they are dripping with water, and the child is all in a shiver."