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Word: drooping
IPA transcription: [dɹ'upɪŋ]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: cernuous, drooping, nodding, pendulous, weeping
    Meaning: having branches or flower heads that bend downward; "nodding daffodils"; "the pendulous branches of a weeping willow"; "lilacs with drooping panicles of fragrant flowers"
  • Synonyms: drooping, droopy, sagging
    Meaning: hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)
  • Synonyms: drooping, flagging
    Meaning: weak from exhaustion
Usage examples
  • "All right," said Roscoe, drooping under the torture.
  • They fly low with half-extended legs and drooping wings, ready to dart down.
  • As if he were of the Mephistopheles family indeed, and had walked with a drooping tail.
  • The man sharply bade the dogs be silent and they retreated behind the house, their tails drooping.
  • STOP--Deep. EARS--Heart-shaped; not set too high; leather never long enough to come below the muzzle; not carried erect, but rather drooping, long feather.
  • The second nest was on a drooping branch, and, to make it stand level, was deepened on the down side of the limb, making it the highest hummingbird's nest I had ever seen.
  • At eight P. M., the clouds broke away to windward, and we had the advantage of a full moon--a piece of good fortune which served wonderfully to cheer our drooping spirits.
  • After some seconds of repose she set out again. She walked bent forward, with drooping head, like an old woman; the weight of the bucket strained and stiffened her thin arms.
  • On her head, as proudly poised as Mrs. McLane's, was a blue velvet hat, higher in the crown than the prevailing fashion, rolled up on one side and trimmed only with a drooping gray feather.
  • His drooping brush, his soiled appearance, and jaded trot, proclaimed his fate impending; and the carrion crow, which hovered over him, already considered poor Reynard as soon to be his prey.