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Word: drunken
IPA transcription: [dɹ'ʌŋkən]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bibulous, boozy, drunken, sottish
    Meaning: given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol; "a bibulous fellow"; "a bibulous evening"; "his boozy drinking companions"; "thick boozy singing"; "a drunken binge"; "two drunken gentlemen holding each other up"; "sottish behavior"
Usage examples
  • Mitya followed like a drunken man.
  • Such virtue had this medicine, directly it were drunken.
  • This drunken Caderousse has made me lose the thread of my sentence."
  • 'Well! he would know nothing of this riot about the drunken fellow's death.
  • 'I don't know if that's any worse than sitting to a drunken beast in a studio.
  • He was young, extraordinarily beautiful; but he staggered and reeled like a drunken man.
  • She WAS drunk, drunken with joy. She had a picture of the most beautiful little baby girl.
  • Mitya walked with a drunken swagger to the locked door, and began knocking to the Poles with his fist.
  • "I?" said Caderousse, rising with all the offended dignity of a drunken man, "I can't keep on my legs?
  • The ways were foul and narrow; the shops and houses wretched; the people half-naked, drunken, slipshod, ugly.