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Word: drunkenness
IPA transcription: [dɹ'ʌŋkənnəs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: drunkenness, inebriation, inebriety, intoxication, tipsiness, insobriety
    Meaning: a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol
Usage examples
  • Many cases of drunkenness had been remarked the last two days.
  • The religious wars had led to laxity and carelessness; drunkenness and vice were fearfully prevalent.
  • I felt my centre of gravity shifting its place, and giddiness mounting into my brain like drunkenness.
  • All they did was to perform their dirty, arduous toil, eat poorly; they were miserably clad, addicted to drunkenness.
  • So she crawled down again, but she hadn't a shilling to shew, for the crown she had got from the butcher she had thrown away in her drunkenness.
  • In his fits of drunkenness, Thomas seemed to lose all his natural reason, and to conduct like a wild or crazy man, without regard to relatives, decency or propriety.
  • By the time he had reached that place of safety he almost felt (as in some impossible fit of drunkenness) that he had two heads; one was calm, careless, and efficient; the other saw the danger like a deadly map, was wise, careful, and useless.
  • It would have been a counter-blaze to that lit by his opponent, which flamed in all the effulgence of a reckless reformer's promise, revealing a Utopia in which there would be no drunkenness, no crime, no poverty, and in which the rich, apparently, would have to work very hard in order to support the poor in comfortable idleness.
  • The present empress, with the ladies of her court, sometimes divert themselves by shooting at a mark. Drunkenness, the vice of almost every cold climate, they are so little ashamed of, that not many years ago, when a lady got drunk at the house of a friend, it was customary for her to return next day, and thank him for the pleasure he had done her.
  • The phrases that the good, kind people repeat to themselves and to one another sound like "abstinence," "temperance," "thrift," "virtue." Sometimes they say them backward, when they sound like "prodigality," "drunkenness," "wastefulness," and "immorality." They do not really know the meaning of these phrases, but they think they do, and that is all that is necessary for somnambulists.