Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: durrant
IPA transcription: [dʊɹ'ænt]
Usage examples
  • "Nonsense," said Mrs. Durrant.
  • "Are you fond of music?" said Mr. Durrant.
  • Pilcher from New York--This is Miss Durrant."
  • "Very few people do that," said Mrs. Durrant.
  • "Will you come and have something to eat?" he said to Clara Durrant.
  • "Nobody shall disturb you," said Mrs. Durrant peremptorily as she passed.
  • "Doesn't she look charming?" exclaimed Miss Eliot, as Clara Durrant passed them.
  • "There's not much to be said for this sort of thing, is there?" said Timothy Durrant to Jacob.
  • Clara Durrant procured the stockings, played the sonata, filled the vases, fetched the pudding, left the cards, and when the great invention of paper flowers to swim in finger-bowls was discovered, was one of those who most marvelled at their brief lives.
  • "Which is the result of enjoying yourself," said Mrs. Durrant severely, surveying the dance programme all scored with the same initials, or rather they were different ones this time--R.B. instead of E.M.; Richard Bonamy it was now, the young man with the Wellington nose.