Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: dwellers
IPA transcription: [dw'ɛlɚz]
Usage examples
  • It is a delightful moment, and all Nantucket dwellers learn to watch for it.
  • Such delightful laziness could brook no interference for the first days of their arrival, and it was not until Peggy McNutt ventured over on Monday morning for a settlement with Mr. Merrick that any from the little world around them dared intrude upon the dwellers at the Wegg farm.
  • And the beasts of the wild wood left their lairs and thickets and came up fawning on them with their tails. And she caused yet another marvel; for hitherto there was no flow of water on Dindymum, but then for them an unceasing stream gushed forth from the thirsty peak just as it was, and the dwellers around in after times called that stream, the spring of Jason.