Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: dwelt
IPA transcription: [dw'ɛlt]
Usage examples
  • Like a star that dwelt apart
  • Sydney dwelt with reluctant attention on the latter half of it.
  • With this baron dwelt his daughter, a passing fair and gracious damsel.
  • Then this lord asked him what he hight, and from whence he came, and with whom he dwelt.
  • I soon reached the little town where the maiden dwelt; but there fresh difficulties awaited me.
  • Across Lethe stretched the Elysian Fields where the shades of the blest dwelt in bliss without alloy.
  • For they dwelt not gathered together in one city, but scattered over the land, parted into three tribes.
  • Here, she knew, dwelt the executioner; and she tapped with her fingers at the window, and said, "Come out!
  • The rest have disappeared, either from the regions in which their fathers dwelt, or altogether from the earth.
  • In the forests far north of Three Rivers dwelt the tribe called the Atticamegues, or Nation of the White Fish.