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Word: dynasty
IPA transcription: [d'aɪnəsti]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: dynasty
    Meaning: a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
Usage examples
  • Domestic troubles were the first inevitable consequence of the extinction of the Macedonian dynasty.
  • The moment that the last of the Macedonian dynasty was gone, the elements of discord seemed unchained, and the double scourge of civil war and foreign invasion began to afflict the empire.
  • The divisions of Whig and Tory then shook England to her very centre, and a powerful party, engaged in the Jacobite interest, menaced the dynasty of Hanover, which had been just established on the throne.
  • The Hebrew dynasty of the gods is no more; it has done much evil in its long sovranty, which we will try to forget now it ceases to reign; it has done some little good, whose remembrance we will cherish when it is sepulchred, Christ the Great is dead, but Pan the Great lives again, as Mr. Maccall told us in some lines published in this paper several years ago.