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Word: dysentery
IPA transcription: [d'ɪsənt,ɛɹi]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: dysentery
    Meaning: an infection of the intestines marked by severe diarrhea
Usage examples
  • At daybreak found that the boy Bagua had died during the night, on dysentery.
  • This is valuable in cases of dysentery and cholera morbus, particularly when made of old fowls.
  • During our fourth year in China, when we were spending the hot season at the coast, our little son, eighteen months old, was taken very ill with dysentery.
  • This, mixed with cold water, in the proportion of a wine glass of syrup to two-thirds of a tumbler of water, is an excellent remedy for the dysentery, and similar complaints.
  • With the constant flood of wounded men, and men who were dying of dysentery and cholera, with no medical supplies and little food, with no nurses and only a few doctors, the condition of the British wounded soon became terrible beyond description.
  • Thinking my darling was gone, I hastened for a light, for it was dark; but on examining the child's face I found that he had sunk into a deep, sound, natural sleep, which lasted most of the night. The following day he was practically well of the dysentery.