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Word: eagles
IPA transcription: ['iɡəlz]
Pronunciations of eagles
Usage examples
  • 'Why, I haven't touched a drop, Mrs. Eagles!'
  • You won't mind Mrs. Eagles; she's very good to the children.
  • Mrs. Eagles withdrew into her own room; Amy went to the door.
  • Soon she heard the sound of wings over her head, and saw twelve eagles flying.
  • The eagles were about to turn and fly, when all at once they perceived their sister.
  • Is this stuff in the saucepan ready?' 'Mrs. Eagles said it would be in five minutes.'.
  • And his eyes, too, and his mien Were, as are the eagles, keen; All the man was aquiline--
  • Therefore every day I must compel them to go back, which they can do, because they are eagles.
  • "In the Country of Darkness" Alexander fed and tamed great birds which were larger than eagles.
  • The axe-heads glittered in their rhythmic flight, like fierce eagles circling about their quarry.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Cattle egret, License CC BY-SA 4.0