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Word: earthquakes
IPA transcription: ['ɝθkw,eɪks]
Pronunciations of earthquakes
Usage examples
  • If your area is one of the places in the United States where earthquakes occur, keep these points in mind:
  • This god of the sea, who is somewhat like the Roman Neptune, carried a lightning trident and caused earthquakes.
  • In earthquakes, most injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings (from falling walls, electric wires, etc.).
  • At the same time took place the numerous earthquakes in Athens, Euboea, and Boeotia, particularly at Orchomenus in the last-named country.
  • We have passed through the stage of ascribing atmospheric disturbances--thunderstorms, cyclones, earthquakes, and the like--to supernatural agency; we have had our Copernican era: not perhaps brought about by a single individual, but still achieved.
  • Old stories of occurrences handed down by tradition, but scantily confirmed by experience, suddenly ceased to be incredible; there were earthquakes of unparalleled extent and violence; eclipses of the sun occurred with a frequency unrecorded in previous history; there were great droughts in sundry places and consequent famines, and that most calamitous and awfully fatal visitation, the plague.
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