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Word: elmwood
IPA transcription: ['ɛlmw,ʊd]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: elm, elmwood
    Meaning: hard tough wood of an elm tree; used for e.g. implements and furniture
Usage examples
  • Lord Elmwood continued:
  • Oh, by all means let her live at Elmwood House too.
  • As soon as the breakfast was removed, Lord Elmwood drew the letter from his pocket, and holding it towards Sandford, said,
  • "I know what you have said;" replied Sandford, "you have said you grant Lady Elmwood's request--you cannot recall these words, nor I my gratitude."
  • It is unnecessary to say with what delight Sandford was received by Miss Woodley, and the hapless daughter of Lady Elmwood, even before he told his errand.
  • To which Lord Elmwood again made answer, "Do not, Sandford;" and added, "for I have a sincere regard for you, and should be loath, at these years, to quarrel with you seriously."
  • I am seldom now at Elmwood castle; let her daughter go there; the few weeks or months I am down in the summer, she may easily in that extensive house avoid me--while she does, she lives in security--when she does not--you know my resolution."
  • The next morning, when Lord Elmwood and Sandford met at breakfast, the latter was pale with fear for the success of Lady Elmwood's letter--the Earl was pale too, but there was besides upon his face, something which evidently marked he was displeased.
  • "Nay, if we do quarrel," resumed Lord Elmwood, "You know it must be your own fault; and as this is a theme the most likely of any, nay, the only one on which we can have a difference (such as we cannot forgive) take care never from this day to resume it; indeed that of itself, would be an offence I could not pardon.
  • For Matilda (with an excellent understanding, a sedateness above her years, and early accustomed to the most private converse between Lady Elmwood and Miss Woodley) was perfectly acquainted with the whole fatal history of her mother; and was, by her, taught the respect and admiration of her father's virtues which they justly merited.