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Word: embalmed
IPA transcription: [ɛmb'ɑmd]
Usage examples
  • They believed in the resurrection of the body, and accordingly embalmed their dead.
  • I felt, I felt, that in this townlet, save the water-gnats of Norway, was no living thing; that the hum and the savour of Eternity filled, and wrapped, and embalmed it.
  • Far better to have the front of one's face pushed in by the fist of an honest prize-fighter than to have the lining of one's stomach corroded by the embalmed beef of a dishonest manufacturer.
  • He wished his body to be embalmed (he gave us the address of the man we were to employ--Pennifer, Ludgate Hill), with orders that his right hand was to be sent to you, stating that it was at your special request.
  • No doubt the butchers of the next half-century will have learned much better, and the Guestwick beast, could it be embalmed and then produced, would excite only ridicule at the agricultural ignorance of the present age; but Lord De Guest took the praise that was offered to him, and found himself in a seventh heaven of delight.