Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: enacted
IPA transcription: [ɛn'æktəd]
Usage examples
  • Ideal society is a drama enacted exclusively in the imagination.
  • After a hundred years Nobody knows the place, -- Agony, that enacted there, Motionless as peace.
  • A Bayne law, absolutely prohibiting the sale of all native wild game, should be enacted at once.
  • As the wine mounted to their heads, in the mirth of drink and desperation, they enacted their own trial.
  • "We've enacted the Emancipation Act," Olvir Nikkolon, who was ex officio chairman of the committee, reported.
  • There should be five-year close seasons enacted for quail, grouse, plover, woodcock, snipe, and all other shore birds.
  • A comprehensive law protecting non-game birds was enacted in 1862. New York's first law against the sale of certain game during close seasons was enacted in 1837.
  • Beaumont and Fletcher, side by side, raged round the field like Castor and Pollux, and sturdy Ben Jonson enacted more wonders than when a volunteer with the army in Flanders.
  • Between the declaration of war and the armistice, Congress enacted law after law relative to food supplies, raw materials, railways, mines, ships, forests, and industrial enterprises.
  • In 1873, however, a new section, said to have been drafted by Comstock himself, was substituted for the one enacted in 1872, and that section is essentially the substance of the present law.