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Word: enchanter
IPA transcription: [ɛntʃ'æntɚ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: enchanter
    Meaning: a sorcerer or magician
Usage examples
  • Like ghosts, from an enchanter fleeing
  • "There, I told him so!" said the old enchanter.
  • The animals turned to look, and saw their master, the old enchanter.
  • "Give them to me," said the old enchanter, "I will bring them up." The countryman nodded his head.
  • Although the King was frightened at the sight of this tall man, who was an enchanter, he could not help laughing at his threat.
  • So the old enchanter gave his arm to the Fairy Jocapa, the Prince gave his to the white dog, and the cat followed all by himself.
  • Now, if you remember the first part of this story, you will recall that Zidoc quarreled with the old enchanter over the right spell for destroying castles.
  • For a long time the enchanter, who loved his charges very much indeed, resisted their request; but as they continued to press him, he came at length to yield.
  • So the poor old gentleman packed up his magic books, put his enchanter's wand into its silver case, and went to the country one pleasant day in search of a house.
  • At any rate, Zidoc, who considered himself quite the most wonderful enchanter in Fairyland, was furious at being opposed, and told the old enchanter, very angrily, that he was not to have his classes any more and must leave the college at once.