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Word: endow
IPA transcription: [ɛnd'aʊ]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: endow, indue, gift, empower, invest, endue
    Meaning: give qualities or abilities to
  • Synonyms: endow, dower
    Meaning: furnish with an endowment; "When she got married, she got dowered"
Usage examples
  • He was one of the first great novelists to endow his women with independence of soul. With the majority of novelists, women are sexual or sentimental accidents.
  • It seemed to her that there was need to multiply such missions among the country poor, and no sooner had Vincent returned to her house than she offered him a large sum of money to endow a band of priests who would devote their lives to evangelizing the peasantry on her estates.