Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: enjoined
IPA transcription: [,ɛndʒ'ɔɪnd]
Usage examples
  • If the duty enjoined by the law were of difficult performance, omission, though it could not be justified, might be pitied.
  • He therefore sent some of his domestics to every one of them, and enjoined them to go their ways home without further delay.
  • When they were all assembled the king came also, and Charlot with him, near whom the horse Bayard was led, in the charge of grooms, who were expressly enjoined to guard him safely.
  • He further enjoined his friend to let no man know of his departure from life, to the intent that the fear of his approach might prevent fresh monsters and new robbers from ravaging the earth.
  • For these services Berwin paid her well, and only enjoined her to keep a quiet tongue about his private affairs, which Mrs. Kebby usually did until excited by too copious drams of gin, when she talked freely and unwisely to all the servants in the Square.
  • He would forget all about school hours, roam about the gardens and plantations, get into long conversations with the workmen, and eventually, when he found that he was somewhat too casual to please his employer, he enjoined us to "look him up" and let him know when it was school-time.
  • All these twopenny documents arranged on a side table, old Sedley covered them carefully over with a clean bandanna handkerchief (one out of Major Dobbin's lot) and enjoined the maid and landlady of the house, in the most solemn way, not to disturb those papers, which were arranged for the arrival of Mr. Joseph Sedley the next morning, "Mr.
  • It was rather a marked thing--as lean Mrs. Loyd, of Gylingden, who had two thin spinsters with pink noses under her wing, remarked--this long walk of Lord Chelford and Miss Lake in the park; and she enjoined upon her girls the propriety of being specially reserved in their intercourse with persons of Lord Chelford's rank; not that they were much troubled with dangers from any such quarter.