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Word: entrances
IPA transcription: ['ɛntɹənsəz]
Pronunciations of entrances
Usage examples
  • This church as it stands today is a magnificent building with two great entrances.
  • She requested to have the book of the play; but Elinor, engaged in arranging the entrances and exits, did not heed her.
  • At intervals, under this natural shelter, there spread out vaulted entrances in beautiful curves, into which the waves came dashing with foam and spray.
  • All the entrances to the Palace Square were closed by sentries, and a cordon of troops stretched clear across the western end, besieged by an uneasy throng of citizens.
  • By day the entrances are closed with earth from inside, for the Mice are active only at night. Sometimes the burrows are hidden under bushes, and sometimes they are right out in the open.
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