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Word: enveloped
IPA transcription: [ɛnv'ɛləpt]
Pronunciations of enveloped
Usage examples
  • After lunch we were enveloped in a snow sheet, land just looming.
  • Gilgamesh sat in the ship, and sleep enveloped him like to a black storm cloud.
  • He had under his arm, a package which bore considerable resemblance to an octavo volume enveloped in paper.
  • Silent and weary, the cuckoo came from the meadow-land to the bog, where the twilight enveloped it and hid it on its branch.
  • I have, since this period, vainly endeavoured to obtain some clew to the hideous uncertainty which enveloped the fate of the stranger.
  • "In one moment I've seen what has hitherto been Enveloped in absolute mystery, And without extra charge I will give you at large A Lesson in Natural History."
  • The last rosy glow of the sun faded, and thick darkness enveloped the vast forest, in which twenty thousand men had fallen, and in which most of them yet lay, the wounded with the dead.
  • Suddenly a leaf bent lower than usual and touched the Patchwork Girl. Swiftly it enveloped her in its embrace, covering her completely in its thick folds, and then it swayed back upon its stem.
  • Spiders are possessed of acute senses, and exhibit much intelligence; as is well known, the females often shew the strongest affection for their eggs, which they carry about enveloped in a silken web.
  • They were sounds occasioned by the artist in prying open the oblong box, by means of a chisel and mallet--the latter being apparently muffled, or deadened, by some soft woollen or cotton substance in which its head was enveloped.
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