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Word: ermine
IPA transcription: ['ɝmən]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: ermine, shorttail_weasel, Mustela_erminea
    Meaning: mustelid of northern hemisphere in its white winter coat
  • Synonyms: ermine
    Meaning: the expensive white fur of the ermine
Usage examples
  • I understand she and her family ate up a whole ermine cape last month, and it disagreed with them."
  • Mademoiselle Vaubois, perfect in her style, was the ermine of stupidity without a single spot of intelligence.
  • It is true he wore no ermine, bore no outward marks of a world's respect; but with what a load of inward importance was he charged!
  • "Shadow is known as the Common Weasel, Short-tailed Weasel, Brown Weasel, Bonaparte Weasel and Ermine, and is found all over the forested parts of the northern part of the country.