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Word: escaping
IPA transcription: [ɪsk'eɪpɪŋ]
Pronunciations of escaping
Usage examples
  • Smoke was escaping and curling up among the rocks.
  • Who ever heard of a state prisoner escaping by a hickry-bark ladder?
  • I did not give you my address with any intention of escaping from you.
  • It is about my son, my only child, Eustace, who was taken and died in escaping.
  • We captured his horse, but he succeeded in escaping to the woods, after killing my horse.
  • For the last four years previous to escaping, he had been under the yoke of Dr. George Wilson.
  • It was his son's death, you know. His son was under Douay, and he was taken, and then in escaping from Germany he met his death.
  • The University of California, situated here, was fortunate in escaping injury, it being reported that not a building was harmed in the slightest degree.
  • Show them not freedom escaping from their grasp, whilst they are looking another way: they are blind--or rather, they can discern but one sole object to be desired in the universe.
  • But yet my heart misgives me, because of the difficulties before me, in escaping; and being so poor and so friendless!--O good God! the preserver of the innocent! direct me what to do!
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