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Word: evelina
IPA transcription: [,ɛvɛl'inə]
Usage examples
  • Neither would I have Evelina appear till summoned.
  • As though it were yesterday, he saw Evelina before him.
  • He had travelled far and seen many, but there had been none like Evelina.
  • They hope, by securing to Evelina the fortune of her father, to induce Madame Duval to settle her own upon themselves.
  • During the childhood of Evelina, I suggested a thousand plans for the security of her birth-right;-but I as many times rejected them.
  • He determined to vanquish the spectre that had reared itself before him, not perceiving that Remorse incarnate, in the shape of Evelina, had come back to haunt him until his dying day.
  • At length he remembered that just before dusk, in the garden of Evelina Grey's old house, he had seen a ghost--a ghost who confronted him mutely with a thing he had long since forgotten.
  • How rapid was then my Evelina's progress through those regions of fancy and passion whither her new guide conducted her!-She saw Lord Orville at a ball,-and he was the most amiable of men!
  • Only one person in the world could have laid those discoloured pearls at his door in the dead of night. The black figure in the garden, with the chiffon fluttering about its head, was Evelina Grey--or what was left of her.