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Word: exceeds
IPA transcription: […™ks'idz]
Pronunciations of exceeds
Usage examples
  • "Upon my word, child!" exclaimed the angry marquise, "your folly exceeds all bounds.
  • The men know--and they are very skilled in these computations--that it exceeds the enormous total of forty millions.
  • "Really, Mr. Holmes, this exceeds anything which I could have imagined," said Dr. Mortimer, gazing at my friend in amazement.
  • A horse, that has been accustomed to the field, becomes acquainted with the proper height which he can leap, and will never attempt what exceeds his force and ability.
  • He says that some Spaniards who had seen the town of Manoa, called El Dorado, told him that this town exceeds in size and wealth all the towns in the world, and everything which the "conquistadores" had seen in America.
  • Madame Duval may be assured, that she meets with the utmost attention and tenderness; that her education, however short of my wishes, almost exceeds my abilities; and I flatter myself, when the time arrives that she shall pay her duty to her grand-mother, Madame Duval will find no reason to be dissatisfied with what has been done for her."
  • Pious, well-meant reproof requires a different demeanour and arguments of another sort; at any rate, to have reproved me in public, and so roughly, exceeds the bounds of proper reproof, for that comes better with gentleness than with rudeness; and it is not seemly to call the sinner roundly blockhead and booby, without knowing anything of the sin that is reproved.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Octavia E. Butler, License CC BY-SA 4.0