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Word: executing
IPA transcription: ['ɛksəkj,utɪŋ]
Pronunciations of executing
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: execution, executing, capital_punishment, death_penalty
    Meaning: putting a condemned person to death
Usage examples
  • Music, to-day, is only the art of executing difficult things, and that which is only difficult cannot please long.
  • In executing this plan, negotiations were first cautiously opened with the Guards, and they readily acceded to the proposals made to them.
  • 'But do sit down, Mr. Larcom--pray do,' said the attorney, who was very gracious to Larcom. 'You'll get the scrip, you know, on executing, but the shares are allotted.
  • It must, in short, possess all the means, and have aright to resort to all the methods, of executing the powers with which it is intrusted, that are possessed and exercised by the government of the particular States.
  • There they remained for several moments executing what looked like a dance; then the leading shoe turned on its heel as if giving a signal to the others, and they all hopped slowly again into the passage-way and disappeared.
  • This is the man who fifteen years ago went to the coast of Labrador, to succor with medical aid the solitary fishermen of the northern sea; in executing which service he despised the perils of the ocean, which are there most terrible, in order to bring comfort and light to the wretched and sorrowing.
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