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Word: exerted
IPA transcription: [ɪɡz'ɝtɪd]
Pronunciations of exerted
Usage examples
  • He exerted every power to attain it, and used the means at his disposal.
  • An influence also is exerted from the side of goods upon the price of labor.
  • He gave no thought to the extraneous influence it exerted on other phases upon which his life touched.
  • For a while it seemed as if the whole army would be swept off; but Hooker and his subordinates exerted every effort to restore order.
  • Great as has been the influence of the tea-masters in the field of art, it is as nothing compared to that which they have exerted on the conduct of life.
  • The parliament, in order to repair their broken condition, and put themselves in a posture of defence, now exerted to the utmost their power and authority.
  • Despotism, which is of a very timorous nature, is never more secure of continuance than when it can keep men asunder; and all is influence is commonly exerted for that purpose.
  • He who gives himself to vanity, and does not give himself to meditation, forgetting the real aim (of life) and grasping at pleasure, will in time envy him who has exerted himself in meditation.
  • It cannot be said that that dinner was a notable success socially. The Allans and Miss Stacy exerted themselves to save the situation and Marilla's customary placidity was not noticeably ruffled.
  • In addition to the influence which such rebellious blood exerted over him, together with a considerable amount of intelligence, he was also under the influence and advice of a daughter of old Ireland.
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