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Word: exertions
IPA transcription: [ɪɡz'ɝʃənz]
Pronunciations of exertions
Usage examples
  • 'I shall not forget your exertions in the garden at Clifton.'
  • The white-topped wagons strained and stumbled in their exertions like fat sheep.
  • Up came Mr. King with an enormous bundle in his arms; and he marched up to the piano, puffing with his exertions.
  • Men cannot enjoy political liberty unpurchased by some sacrifices, and they never obtain it without great exertions.
  • It got to be noticed finally; and one and all redoubled their exertions to make everything twice as pleasant as ever!
  • "In his rash exertions to rescue a favorite portion of his hunting stud, he has himself perished miserably in the flames."
  • But his exertions caused his wound to reopen; he bled fast, and in this sad state, yet in triumph, they bore him to the palace.
  • But he makes tremendous exertions, whipping his tail in under the peat-bank, while with his hind paws he seeks for support in clefts and cracks.
  • Tristram readily consented, and made himself known to the king, who on his part promised to reward his exertions, if successful, with whatever gift he might ask.
  • Happily he had the candor to admit this humiliating fact to himself, and he put forth earnest and steadfast exertions to bring himself up to the level of modern times.
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