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Word: expend
IPA transcription: [ɪksp'ɛnd]
Pronunciations of expend
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: use, expend
    Meaning: use up, consume fully; "The legislature expended its time on school questions"
  • Synonyms: spend, expend, drop
    Meaning: pay out; "spend money"
Usage examples
  • "I fear you dare not expend your strength on this party?" inquired Wallace, turning to Montgomery.
  • Isabel fell to smoothing her gloves again; they were long, loose gloves on which she could freely expend herself.
  • As it becomes possible to expend more for food, the change is made in quality, variety, flavor, rather than in quantity.
  • Some of them form co-operative associations in which they have shares on the same terms as the others. Capitalists expend a part of their capital on educational, artistic, philanthropic, and other public institutions.
  • The consideration of Mrs Boffin had clothed Mr Sloppy in a suit of black, on which the tailor had received personal directions from Rokesmith to expend the utmost cunning of his art, with a view to the concealment of the cohering and sustaining buttons.
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